Memorabilia & Sale Or Return

Memorabilia & Sale or Return

Seeitnowsports  source and produce a sensational range of top quality sporting memorabilia, each item comes complete with a certifcate of authenticity.

Our Sale or Return option is idea if your looking to host your own charity auction or raffle.

This option works well for local amateur clubs holding a fundraiser or raffle.

We have a variety of sporting memorabilia from football, boxing, rugby, cricket, motorsports and much more. We also have film and tv memorabilia in stock and can source musical items if required.

Hows does our “Sale or Return” option work?

  • We will provide our stock list and our sale or return prices
  • we will send you over the relevant paperwork regarding our terms and conditions
  • Arrange a date and collection of the items
  • If theres any specialist items you are wanting we can try source these for you
  • Anything you dont sell simply return back to us!

Contact James or Clair on 01924 407375 or email or or fill in the call back request form at the bottom of our webpage and we will be in touch.

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